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What we treat

Canna-Wave Prevents

Insect Infestation

Insect infestations ruin your precious crops and your bottom line

Canna-Wave safely prevents infestations by rendering

insect eggs non-viable so there will never be a second generation



Greenhouses can be devastated by an insect infestation. A wide variety of insects can quickly invade your greenhouse and destroy your crop.  Virtually every greenhouse is affected by insect infestations and have to dedicate significant resources to combating these destructive pests, most often relying upon dangerous and expensive chemicals to combat the insects.  However, whatever they use is seemingly never enough.

Canna-Wave is the world's best solution to targeting cannabis consuming insects and protecting your investment.  With Canna-Wave you can quickly, safely and cost effectively hinder insect infestations in your greenhouse without the use of dangerous insecticides. 

Canna-Wave is versatile enough to effectively targets insects in different stages of development, including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults. Canna-Wave is the only solution for rendering insect eggs non-viable. Our patented solution's physical action alters the internal structure of insect eggs and the next generation will never be born. When you use Canna-Wave in your greenhouse, you will prevent infestations and prevent future generations of insects from developing on your precious cannabis crops. 


Canna-Wave saves your cannabis crop and ensures your greenhouse is 100% insecticide and insect free.


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