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Our Technology
Innovative Radio Wave Technology

Cannabis can be grown free of dangerous chemical insecticides

Canna-Wave's patented hardware and software electronic system is based on proven Radio Frequency (RF).  Our system utilizes elaborate antenna array systems and methods for controlling insect pest infestations by the use of a Radio Frequency (RF) waves applied first to the seedling stage, then to the mature yielding plant.


Canna-Wave can be used to control a wide variety of pests and is completely chemical-free. Canna-Wave targets insect adults and at any developmental stage, including eggs and nymphs. Our patented technology works on insect pests under 1/8 in (3 mm) in size.  Canna-Wave is the most effective solution against the insects that ravage cannabis farms.

 Canna-Wave's technology has been proven to be effective during years of

rigorous testing in laboratory and field settings.  It has successfully eliminated a wide variety of insects that damage cannabis crops.

Canna-Wave is adapted from Israeli military technology and has been further developed with over a decade of additional research and development.  Our RF technology is supported by the agricultural venture capital fund of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Canna-Wave technology is certified for use in the United States by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and registered with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Canna-Wave technology is proud to be Clean Green Certified and certified for use in cannabis facilities that are committed to organic based regulations. 

Image by Matthew Brodeur
Your Cannabis Greenhouse will be INSECT FREE

Insect infestations ruin your precious crops and your bottom line Canna-Wave safely prevents infestations by rendering insect eggs non-viable so there will never be a second generation

Greenhouses can be devastated by an insect infestation. A wide variety of insects can quickly invade your greenhouse and destroy your crop.  Virtually every greenhouse is affected by insect infestations and have to dedicate significant resources to combating these destructive pests, most often relying upon dangerous and expensive chemicals to combat the insects.  However, whatever they use is seemingly never enough.

Canna-Wave is the world's best solution to targeting cannabis consuming insects and protecting your investment.  With Canna-Wave you can quickly and cost effectively hinder insect infestations in your greenhouse without the use of dangerous insecticides.  

Canna-Wave is versatile enough to effectively targets insects in different stages of development, including eggs, larvae, nymphs and adults.  The technology has been proven to eliminate insects under 3 mm in size including aphids, mites, thrips, whiteflies, leaf-miners and fungus gnats.   Canna-Wave is the only solution for rendering insect eggs non-viable. Our patented solution's physical action alters the internal structure of insect eggs and the next generation will never be born. When you use Canna-Wave in your greenhouse, you will prevent infestations and prevent future generations of insects from developing on your precious cannabis crops. 


Physically hindering insects and eggs at the cellular level

Cells of the embryo are clearly visible (yellow arrow), as well as the symbiotic ball (white arrow


The egg has completely lost its organization and will not develop, preventing the emergence of a new generation of whiteflies.

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