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Harnessing the power of physics for pesticide-free Cannabis


Canna-Wave offers a completely insecticide free solution to eliminate pest infestations of cannabis greenhouses.

Our technology is currently protecting advanced cannabis greenhouses and has proven to be as effective as chemical insecticides in these greenhouses.  Cannabis consumers now have access to 100% insecticide free, organic cannabis in its purest and most natural form.

Canna-Wave's versatile technology will work in virtually every greenhouse and can easily be integrated into your current greenhouse mainframe. Our system easily integrates into advanced robotics currently available in leading cannabis greenhouses and we are able to help find appropriate solutions for all greenhouse frameworks in all environments. 

Meet Canna-wave

Protecting crops with the power of basic physics.

Cutting-edge RF insect control for Cannabis crops.



Sole insect lifecycle (ovicide) solution

Customized for

- insect type

-infestation level

Your Cannabis Greenhouse will be INSECT FREE

Insect infestations ruin your precious crops and your bottom line Canna-Wave safely prevents infestations by rendering insect eggs non-viable and eliminating all stages of insect development so there will never be a second generation.

Canna-Wave technology has been proven effective against insects under 3mm in size including aphids, mites, thrips, whiteflies, leaf-miners and fungus gnats.  

Canna-Wave utilizes technology that was proudly created in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and appoved for use by the FCC.


Complex proprietary algorithm

8 years of company R&D

Military-grade equipment,

Encrypted software

Decades of multidisciplinary expertise

Approved  for use in the US by the FCC

Traditional Insecticide Treatment

2.5 billion kilograms of insecticides are used worldwide by the 1.8 billion people engaged in agriculture.

Excessive use of insecticides leaches into our drinking water, leads to the destruction of biodiversity, increases pollution, and poisons the produce reaching our supermarkets.

Innovative Canna-Wave

Canna-Wave offers a toxic-free solution to eliminate insects which will create a healthier, cleaner world by eliminating the need for insecticides.


Canna-Wave is effective against insects under 3mm in size including all stages of development.

With Canna-Wave your greenhouse can be both insect free and insecticide-free.

An Insecticide Free World is Possible
Disrupting the Cannabis Industry

Imagine Cannabis in its purest organic form, free of insecticides.

At Canna-Wave that dream is a reality.

Are you ready to join the Canna-Wave revolution?

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